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Accepta Ltd    Provides water and wastewater treatment chemicals, water analysis equipment, laboratory testing, test kits, pumps, dosing, control and plant equipment plus custom manufacturing and own label services.

Activation Laboratories Ltd.    Actlabs provides contract analytical services in the geochemical, petroleum, industrial minerals, forensic, pharmaceutical & clinical, environmental & occupational health, agricultural and materials testing areas.

Adiabatics, Inc.    Automated Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy developed for health-related research such as drug design.

Advanced Blending Technologies, LLC    ABT provides polyethylene characterization, blend formulation technology, and optimization software. Processors using this technology are experiencing resin cost savings while improving quality and processability.

Advanced Brain Monitoring, Inc.    Patented physiological data acquisition technology and software to address sleep apnea, memory dysfunction, and alertness monitoring.

Advanced ChemSynthesis    Advanced ChemSynthesis provides custom chemical synthesis of most all organic compounds.

Advanced Targeting Systems, Inc.    Providing quality targeting reagents for scientific research and pharmaceutical development.

Agentase, LLC    Development and implementation of enzymes and novel materials in a range of product applications including diagnostics and sensors for anti-chemical warfare and terrorism and pesticide remediation.

AKTS    Advanced software for thermal ageing determination and safety analysis by thermogravimetry (TG), differential thermal analysis (DTA), differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), and related techniques.

ADI Treatments Ltd    Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI) manufacturing, castings and uses. Advisers on all aspects of engineering with ADI including alloy selection, foundry practice, dimensional stability and machining.

AmberGen, Inc.    Developed a novel diagnostic assay for detecting chain truncation mutations in cancer and other disease related genes.

Ambulatory Monitoring, Inc.    Assessment of activity-based symptoms in psychology (in particular ADHD) coupled with a vibratory/auditory feedback system.

Analytical Biotechnology Services    Analytical and synthesis services for peptides and proteins: chromatography, 1D and 2DE gel electrophoresis, spectroscopy, calorimetry, analytical ultracentrifugation analysis services for native and recombinant proteins.

Apath, LLC    Novel cell-based assays that identify compounds with anti-respiratory viral activity.

Ashutosh Overseas Enterprises    Authorized distributors/importers of US companies for oxygen gas analyzers and replacement sensors-PPM & Percentage type Oxygen Sensors e.g.equivalents of Teledyne's B-2C, B-1 etc.

Aurora Fine Chemicals Ltd    Specializing in custom organic synthesis, compound libraries, organic intermediates and building blocks for combinatorial chemistry.

BioElectroSpec, Inc.    Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) electrochemical biosensor systems for the detection and control of biospecific & biomolecular interactions.

BIOMEC Inc.    Developer & manufacturer of advanced medical device technologies including diagnostic electrical measurement and sensor based products for applications in ENT, neurology, cardiology & pulmonology.

Biomedical Development Corp.    Formulations that address multiple applications of infection control in the healthcare industry.

BioPhysics Assay Laboratory, Inc.    Develops, manufactures and markets a new class of non-radioactive in vivo diagnostics which includes diagnostic tools to measure cardiac, lung, gastrointestinal, hepatic, and renal function.

BioTechPlex Corporation    Provider of novel biomedical devices and enabling technologies for medical research, diagnosis, and pharmaceutical discovery.

BitTech, Inc.    Cancer genetic tests, in some cases these tests are used for susceptibility screening of individuals with a family history.

Bliley Technologies, Inc.    Manufacturer of high quality quartz crystals and crystal oscillators for commercial, military, and space applications.

Blue Dolphin Lead Discovery, LLC    Fee-for-service, contract research organization focused on computer and structure-based ligand discovery.

CAI Technologies    Provides design, development and installation of catalyst manufacturing facilities, processing equipment and testing systems.

Cambria Biosciences LLC    Drug discovery technology combines the predictive power of physiological disease models with high throughput screening for new drug leads.

Cantest Ltd.    Canadian company founded in 1969, provides professional analytical services in support of environmental quality, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food safety industries.

CAS Medical Systems, Inc.    Develops and manufactures high-quality blood pressure measurement devices, vital signs monitors, apnea monitors and neonatal supplies.

CD adapco Group    Specialists in Computational Fluid Dynamics software (CFD) and industrial computer aided engineering (CAE) and related CFD services.

Celartia    Cell culture devices and research. Offers unique cell culture device that requires no CO2, no dehydration concern, eliminates contamination, and saves on growth media additive costs.

Cellular Technology Ltd    Cellular Technology markets ELISPOT analyzers for immunology research. These tools provide superior sophistication, cost-effectiveness and speed.

CEL-SCI Corporation    CEL-SCI is developing new immune system based treatments for cancer and infectious diseases.

ChemBridge Corporation    Discovery chemistry services including building blocks, hit to lead and compound libraries; chemical library includes small molecule, fragment, screening, targeted and diversity libraries for synthetic, medicinal and organic chemistry.

Chemdel Laboratory    Producing natural products for biochemical research, custom synthesis, contract research, HTS Screening companies and the pharmaceutical industry.

Cognosci, Inc.    Anti-inflammatory drugs for use in a variety of human inflammatory disease including traumatic brain injury, arthritis, sepsis, multiple sclerosis, neurodegenerative disease and damage from radiation.

Contract Design and Management Services Pty Ltd    Engineering consultants providing design analysis and assistance to the mechanical and structural engineering industry in Western Australia.

Covance Antibody Development Services    CRO for drug development and clinical services including polyclonal production, hybridoma development, in vitro production, ascites production, immunology services & assay development.

Creatv Microtech, Inc.    Develops and markets products for medical, pharmaceutical, research, food, water and environmental safety applications; products include grids and collimators for mammography and nuclear medicine.

Current Solutions, Inc.    OEM Power Supply Resource Center with access to several power supply manufacturers and an ever-expanding Knowledge Base.

Custom Wire Technologies, Inc.    Contract medical device manufacturer of custom ultra fine wire supply and guidewires for medical devices and digital image logo pad printing.

CWI Medical    Full line medical supply company specializing in medical nutrition, incontinence and ambulatory products. Informative articles and safe, secure online shopping.

Cyma Corporation    Long term ambulatory activity monitoring.

Detroit R&D, Inc.    Oxidative stress-induced damage assay assessment for protein damage and DNA damage.

Diacor, Inc.    Treats wet macular degeneration with six focused beams of photon energy with or without supplementary pharmaceuticals to stop the progress of the disease.

Diversified Scientific, Inc.    Dedicated to making drug discovery easier, faster and more affordable.

DNAmicroarray, Inc.    Development and commercialization of enabling genomics and proteomics products and services.

DNA Polymerase Technology, Inc.    DNA analysis technology, specifically, mutants of DNA polymerase that provide more reliable and more robust PCR.

Eagle Vision Pharmaceutical Corp.    A development stage pharmaceutical company focused on the commercialization of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) agents for the diagnosis and management of heart disease, liver disease and cancer.

Edenspace Systems Corporation    Plants to monitor and remove arsenic, lead, uranium and other minerals from soil & water- phytofiltration technology uses arsenic-accumulating fern plants to remove arsenic from drinking water.

Enamine Ltd.    Provider of screening compounds and chemistry services including synthesis of analogues, custom synthesis, lead-oriented services and advanced chemistry products such as focused and targeted libraries.

Endacea, Inc.    Biopharmaceutical company with a proprietary A1 adenosine receptor based technology for treatment of asthma, ischemia-reperfusion organ injury, Gram-negative septicemia (endotoxemia) & endotoxin assay.

Ensys Corporation    Engineering training.

Entrepix, Inc.    Provider of chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) and related wafer surface conditioning foundry and equipment services.

Environmental Services & Consulting (ES&C)    Certified HUBZone small business concern specializing in NPDES permitting, stream studies and designs, compliance monitoring, wetland delineations, 404 compliance and benthic taxonomy.

EP Limited    Diagnostic & therapeutic medical device development including consulting services in biomedical signal processing, bioheat transfer, and the design and implementation of digital and analog systems.

Exclusive Chemistry Ltd    Research and development company specializing in custom organic synthesis, projects involving contract researches and supplier of building blocks for combinatorial chemistry and samples for screening.

Fallbrook Engineering, Inc.    Contract product development, management, and engineering services consulting firm serving the biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

Flow Applications, Inc.    Designs, invents, and manufactures cytometric products and services to support immune testing associated with the development of bacterial vaccines.

Full Spectrum Software, Inc.    Offers embedded and application software development and validation and verification services for the medical device and life science industries.

Gaia Herbs, Inc.    Gaia Herbs maintains a core commitment to produce the purest plant medicine in its most vital forms coupled with scientifically validated support and education.

GAO Engineering, Inc.    Single stop resource for products including Embedded Development Boards, RFID Readers & Tags, Oscilloscopes and many more for a range of electronic and embedded design needs.

Giner Inc.    Advanced, miniaturized, all solid hybrid capacitor for the next generation of Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators (ICD).

Giraffe Production Systems Pty Ltd    Software for environmental planning, waste discharge planning, emission control and plant scheduling.

Global Test Supply    New and refurbished electronic test and measurement equipment for a number of different engineering applications.

GMA Industries, Inc.    Multimedia databases in scientific applications to facilitate prompt and widespread dissemination of research results through the Internet and via DVD CD-ROM.

Haemoscope Corporation    An in vitro medical device with assays that can evaluate a patient's hemostasis profile.

Hearing Components, Inc.    Compliant foam earpieces which form an instant and superior physical fit in the ear canal for advanced electronics that reside in the ear canal space.

Hytec, Inc.    Los Alamos, NM based engineering company with wholly owned subsidiaries specializing in high speed, 3-D x-ray computed tomography equipment manufacture, design engineering, and precision x-ray scanning services.

IA, Inc. / Threefold Sensors LLC    Developed a portable optic sensor for monitoring contamination by dioxin and dioxin-like compounds.

ICET, Inc.    Developed an antimicrobial formulation which is unique as it contains antibacterial, antifungal components in addition to materials that prevent calcium deposition.

Icogenex Corporation    Uses high-throughput methodology, paired with molecular biology and biochemistry expertise, to identify lead compounds that interact with cell surface receptors.

Illumina, Inc.    Develops tools for the large-scale analysis of genetic variation and function including applications in high-throughput screening of pharmaceutical compounds and chemical detection.

Image Smiths, Inc.    Video display calibration software enhanced with a CCD camera to allow for the measurement of MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) and SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio) of display systems.

ImageWave Corp.    Providing enterprise level EHS software and professional services including MSDS Management, Environmental Reporting (including SARA 313 and TIER II), Container Labeling, MSDS Authoring and more.

Immunetics, Inc.    Advanced immunoassay technology for the diagnosis of infectious diseases (Lyme, anthrax, HIV and other) with third generation ELISA and Western Blot kits and patented Miniblotter instrumentation.

IMR Test Labs    Product testing, failure analysis, reverse engineering, materials research, expert testimony, training and lab management.

Infinite Biomedical Technologies, LLC    Medical device company with neurocritical care technology focused on automated quantitative EEG and Evoked Potential Monitoring to detect compromise and brain injury during high-risk situations.

Innovatech Labs, Inc.    Analytical laboratory specializing in materials analysis for manufacturing, quality control, failure analysis and research & development.

Intelligent Optical Systems, Inc.    Real-time detection of biofilm in surfaces by interrogating optically.

InterScience, Inc.    C-View imaging technology, a compact optical system capable of imaging an ultra-wide field of view enhancing a surgeon's capability to visualize during minimally invasive surgery.

Intrinsic Bioprobes, Inc.    Our technologies revolve around the use of MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry in the fields of proteomics, clinical proteomics, drug development and diagnostics.

IQuum, Inc.    System to automate nucleic acid testing processes, testing is possible in any setting, from the clinical laboratory to the field.

Irisys    Provides pharmaceutical formulation, new drug development, and cGMP manufacturing of clinical trial materials and consulting related to the drug development process.

ISS, Inc.    Non-invasive, near-infrared, tissue spectrometer based on the use of near infrared light (NIR) to probe the tissues.

KAIROS Scientific Inc.    Instrumentation, computer algorithms, and molecular biology methods for the biopharmaceutical and chemical industries as well as biotech and diagnostics.

Kibow Biotech, Inc.    Developed target specific bacteriotherapy for augmenting kidney function and multiple screening of GRAS status probiotic bacterial species.

Kollodis BioSciences, Inc.    Biotech company focused on the commercialization of a proprietary recombinant mussel adhesive protein technology (rMAP, MAP) including a low-cost and effective bioadhesive derived from marine mussel.

Kurion Technologies Ltd.    Specialists in designing and building wastewater treatment plants and water recycling systems. Also specializing in chromic acid recycling and precious metal recovery.

Leap of Faith Technologies, Inc.    OneWorld is a social support intervention that uses the Internet as a tool for hospitals and schools for adolescents undergoing treatment for cancer.

Legionella Control International    Legionella control, prevention and environmental risk management services including risk assessments for Legionnaires disease, expert witness, environmental hygiene, training and laboratory analysis.

Lenntech Water- & Luchtbehandeling Holding B.V.    Supplier of industrial water treatment and air treatment systems for disinfection, filtration, odor control and recycling of water and air using environmentally friendly technologies.

Litron Laboratories    Flow cytometry technology to yield simultaneous assessment of erythropoiesis function, splenic cell function and chromosomal damage.

Lynntech, Inc.    Separation of radioisotopes by inorganic ion-exchange resins.

Magic Wheels, Inc.    Two-speed manual wheelchair wheel with quick release, hill holding and down hill braking.

MC3, Inc.    Proprietary blood pump technology that can provide a safe solution in the pediatric surgery market.

Medical Imaging Applications LLC    Family of products that contribute to quantitative assessment of cardiovascular risk, disease extent, and outcome.

Mid South Chemical Company, Inc.    Manufacturer of water treatment chemicals: quality boiler, cooling, waste and potable water treatment chemicals.

MiTiHeart Corporation    Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) uses magnetic levitation to relieve the pump of any metal-to-metal contact and free the system from using manmade lubricants.

Moberg Research, Inc.    Monitoring system to trend the neurological status of newborns in the intensive care unit to analyze neonatal brain function for potential abnormalities and the presence of seizures.

Msds Europe Ltd.    To multi-national clients, MSDS-Europe offers multi-lingual MSDS adapted to national legislation; MSDS documents are standardized in format and content to meet international requirements.

MVS Solutions Incorporated    Corporate and Technology Development Company providing support and services to business, government and nonprofits in the biotech, chemistry, drug, medical technology & related industries.

Nanoprobes, Inc.    Diagnostic tools including novel x-ray contrast agents, sensitive gene detection for cancer and gold-DNA beacons.

Native American Botanics Corporation    Produces & markets traditional whole herb products with aeroponic technology while providing sustainable, environmentally responsible business opportunities to indigenous people and tribal governments.

Neuromorphometrics, Inc.    Precise anatomical measurements of brain regions in magnetic resonance images for neuroscience research, drug trials and clinical medicine.

NonInvasive Technologies LLC    Somatic/Stem Cell Sampling and Recovery, a platform technology in somatic & stem cell biology to identify markers for colon cancer, inflammatory bowel disease & chemotherapeutic multidrug resistance.

Orbital Research Inc.    Novel dry electrode sensor technology that successfully breaks the weak-link in Mobile Cardiac Outpatient Monitoring, a growing market within the Cardiovascular Disease Management & Prevention field.

Organ Recovery Systems    Developing new products and services to help the worldwide transplant community increase the quality and quantity of organs, cells, and tissues for transplantation.

PBL Biomedical Laboratories    World's largest manufacturer of interferons and interferon reagents for research use. PBL's proprietary technology also includes tumor-targeted radioactive monoclonal antibodies (MAb).

Peoria Waste Disposal    Environmental testing laboratory, engineering and consulting in waste disposal, specializing in environmental analysis, waste recycling, contaminated soil testing, groundwater, stormwater and lagoons.

Phantoms by Design, Inc.    Advanced models of the human body designed to assist the medical community conceive, validate and implement minimally invasive procedures.

Pinnacle Technology, Inc.    EEG and EMG recording system that will enable more researchers to study the physiological roles and genetic basis of sleep.

Polium Technologies, Inc.    Life sciences company whose proprietary technology and products accelerate the drug discovery and pharmaceutical development process; products include catalysts, fine chemicals and R&D services.

PortaScience. Inc.    Point of care test devices for home testing.

ProSpec-Tany TechnoGene Ltd.    Over 16 years of experience specializing in production of bacterial-derived recombinant proteins and a wide array of Cytokines, Growth Factors, Chemokines, Hormones, Enzymes, Viral Antigens and more.

ProteoTech, Inc.    Developing novel small molecule therapeutics for the treatment of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, prion diseases, type 2 diabetes, and systemic amyloidosis.

Quality Management International, Inc.    A checklist and guide for developers of ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems from an ANSI-RAB accredited trainer of environmental management systems auditors.

Raw Science Reverse Engineering Services    Sophisticated techniques for the analysis and reverse engineering of semiconductor and optical disc structures.

Retrogen, Inc.    Biotechnology company in San Diego that offers high quality DNA sequencing, gene synthesis, mutagenesis, SNP discovery and purification kits at competitive prices.

Roberts & Roberts    Risk & reliability engineering - providing services to oil, gas, petrochemical, pipeline, and electrical generation companies.

Rochester Clinical Research Inc.    Clinical Research, Medical Research and Clinical Studies in Rochester, New York (NY).

Rose Biomedical Development Corp.    New generation nasal packing technology to stop serious, sometimes life-threatening nose bleeds.

Russell Mainstream Supply Ltd    Water testing instruments; portable turbidity, conductivity, pH and temperature meters plus oxygen sensors.

Safdoc Systems, LLC    Providing services in environmental health & safety, program development, education and training. Dr. Weinberg combines academic experience with ten plus years as safety director of a major hospital.

SAM Technology, Inc.    Develops methods and systems that measure human neurocognitive functions.

SanAir Technologies Laboratory, Inc.    Full service AIHA Accredited microbiological laboratory providing mold, fungus, dander and various bacteria sample testing, analysis and reporting.

Schlumberger Water Services    Groundwater monitoring and remediation including groundwater sampling equipment, groundwater software and Westbay Well Water Systems.

ScienceSoft, LLC    Develops software to automate multidimensional NMR data analysis. Our best known product is NMRanalyst (tm) marketed by Varian, Inc.

Screen, Inc.    Interactive touch screen tests for Alzheimer's Disease with scores submitted via internet to central database. Results in immediate reports are returned to doctors' offices.

Selective Genetics, Inc.    Scientific expertise in gene therapy, growth factor biology, tissue regeneration and product development.

Selznick Scientific Software, LLC    Cell Culture Laboratory Information Management System (CCLIMS) optimizes the operation of cell culture laboratories.

Sequella, Inc.    Diagnostic technology for tuberculosis.

SibTech, Inc.    Biopharmaceutical company developing new protein-driven therapeutics and diagnostics based on a novel technology for attaching payloads to targeting proteins.

SIGA Technologies, Inc.    Applying bacterial genomics in the design and development of engineered products for the prevention and treatment of serious infectious diseases.

SigmaPro Inc.    Global leaders in Six Sigma, Design for Six Sigma and Lean Sigma training, consulting, and change management.

SolmeteX, Inc.    Developer and manufacturer of products and systems that perform targeted, upstream heavy metal binding and recovery.

Southwest Sciences, Inc.    Intravascular optical imaging device to aid in the diagnosis of atherosclerosis, device combines structural detail and plaque composition.

Spartan Environmental Technologies, LLC    Chemical oxidation & disinfection systems for municipal & industrial organizations including ozone generators, electrolytic organic destruction & advanced oxidation processes for air & water treatment.

Spectrum Chemicals & Laboratory Products    Providing one of the largest assortments of fine and bulk chemicals, with a selection of over 12,000 fine chemicals.

St. Charles Pharmaceuticals    Novel, potent, selective pharmaceutical therapies for the treatment of neurological disorders with minimal side effects through an innovative R&D program utilizing advanced chemistry and biology.

Technalysis, Inc.    Specializing in solving complex flow and heat transfer problems in product design and manufacturing using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and other advanced CAE solutions with its Passage Software.

Technology Training, Inc.    Training & short courses in vibration & shock test, fixturing, modal test; climatics; metrology; calibration; instrumentation; electronics; EMI/EMC; DSP, data acquisition; thermal analysis & corrosion.

TimTec Corporation    Leading provider of synthetic organic and natural compounds for screening, targeted & diversity libraries, natural compounds, building blocks, reagents, custom synthesis, weighing and microplating.

Titanium Metal Supply, Inc.    Titanium mill products for the metal finishing industries including aerospace, architectural, automotive, biomedical, chemical processing, industrial, marine, oil, and others.

ToxInfo    Services in the field of chemical safety as well as work-safety, fire-fighting and environment protection. Preparation of MSDS for multi-national companies & European Union official notification.

TraceDetect    Sensors and instrument for measuring toxic heavy metals (mercury, lead, arsenic and cadmium) in saliva, blood, urine, dust, paint, soil and water.

Tribofilm Research, Inc.    Developed a non-silicone lubricant system for medical syringes with superior performance compared to traditional silicone lubricated syringes.

Tristan Technologies, Inc.    Design, development and manufacture of electromagnetic sensing/imaging and cryogenic components and systems.

UniqueCoat Technologies, LLC    UCT has developed a process to apply abrasion/corrosion resistant coatings. The coating is virtually 100% dense and very durable. UCT applies SS, stellite, tungsten carbide and other materials.

Vecna Technologies, Inc.    Uses sophisticated data mining techniques to identify patterns and anomalies in live microbiology lab data streams.

Veeda Clinical Research Ltd.    Early clinical development CRO providing Phase I/II clinical trials in the UK and India.

Velocys, Inc.    Chemical processing and microchannel process technology. Microtechnology research, development and engineering consultants. Experts in oil, gas, energy and other industry.

Vivo Biosciences, Inc.    New defined 2D and 3D human bioassay systems that mimic the biology of human tissues for functional analysis of normal and disease tissues.

VOC Technologies    Highly sensitive, fully automated, high pressure gas chromatograph for analysis of volatile organic compounds.

Wasatch Environmental, Inc.    Full service environmental science and engineering company providing innovative and cost effective solutions for remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater sites.

Western Research Company, Inc.    Diagnostic instrumentation to identify and differentiate upper and lower gastrointestinal (GI) bleeds.

Whalen Biomedical Inc.    Research and development in the areas of medical devices and materials with an emphasis on devices for cardiovascular, dental, orthopedic, and urologic applications, and drug delivery systems.

Wickham Laboratories Ltd    Contract Analytical Testing Specialists providing support to the food, healthcare, medical device, pharmaceutical & veterinary industries.

Xenobiotic Detection Systems, Inc.    Patented, rapid and economical bioassays for analyzing dioxin and dioxin-like compounds including PCBs, dibenzodioxins and dibenzofurans with detection limits of less than one part per trillion.

Xirnara Properties LLC    Private patent holding and development company specializing in biotechnology with core technologies related to polymerase-based and non-polymerase-based RNA silencing mechanisms and their application.

XL Sci-Tech, Inc.    Timed bioresorbable microencapsulation delivery system for internal radioisotope therapy and diagnostics.

ZyCare, Inc.    Web-based expert systems for managing patients with chronic diseases accessible by both patients and physicians using any Internet connection.



Advanced Materials Asssociates    Metallurgical and materials science consultancy. Experts in surface engineering, ceramics, oxidation, corrosion and wear, and lightweight armor. World-class professional development courses.

Applied Science & Technology Associates, Inc.    Providing consulting services for life and biomedical organizations; serving industrial, academic and governmental research and business enterprises.

AscentiGroup LLC    A product development, marketing and sales consultancy serving the global biomedical community - building market leaders.

Atid E.D.I. Ltd.    Jerusalem-based economic development consulting firm with operations in Istanbul & Amman, specializing in assisting US companies with opportunities in the region, feasibility studies & local presence.

Ayton & Company    Product development engineer with medical device and plastic mechanism design experience.

Applied Veterinary Pathobiology, PLLC    Advising clients on drug discovery, R&D and regulatory strategies, and financial sector consulting, focusing on preclinical aspects of bio/pharmaceuticals and biological responses to biomaterials.

Beneidel Consultants    International business services provider specializing in accelerating the business development of ICT Technology companies interested in entering new markets.

Brooks Technical Solutions, Inc.    Design firm with over twenty-five years of experience in industrial design and mechanical product development.    An eLearning center on competitiveness which includes online training and provides expertise and resources on ISO and Six Sigma to improve quality management systems in various industries.

Descale and Chlorination Services Ltd.    Legionnaires' disease risk assessments and risk management programmes for UK companies and organisations; services also include water tank refurbishment and water hygiene monitoring.

Douglas R. Chrisope    Consultant in organic chemistry; process improvement and troubleshooting; statistical process control/quality control programs; chemical literature searching.

ECOMAT Corp.    Promotes advances in all phases of materials research: materials selection, product/process/technology development, optimization and validation, special attention to biomedical industry.

John A. Di Bari, P.E., Consulting Engineers    Licensed Consulting Engineering Firm specializing in HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection Systems design.

FinnBrit Consulting    Providing consulting, advisory, and troubleshooting services to the pharmaceutical and related industries.

Gaspardo & Associates    Reverse engineering, 3D inspection and 3D metrology services including near net shape and free form geometry component parts for a wide variety of industrial customers.

Global Regulatory Services Ltd.    Regulatory affairs consultancy serving the Pharmaceutical, Herbal and Biotech Industry with a global network of independent advisers & consultants.

Life Science Executive Exchange    Worldwide online community of industry executives engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of life science research instruments, products and services.

Manuscript Editor Online    A full-service, English-language technical writing and editing firm; specializing in scientific grant proposals and manuscripts submitted to scholarly journals.

Medical Device Manufacturing - PCB Design Expert    PCB design expert and manufacturability consultant Ron McIlnay brings decades of experience with lead free electronics, materials and processes, and pcb design to his clients.

MVS Solutions, Inc.    Providing business plans, funding documents and strategy for new enterprise development and startup companies in the biotech, life sciences, medical technology and related industries.

Netherlands International Trade Consultants    Amsterdam based consultancy offering an introduction and research service for Netherlands and Benelux region. Specialising in engineering, agri-food, environmental and chemical industries.

Peter's Six Sigma    Six Sigma training on materials science and lean process improvement resources for all organizations.

Pluskal Biotech Consulting Services    Providing practical R&D, product development and intellectual property technical analysis services to the biotechnology industry in the US and Europe.

Quo-Tec Limited    An ISO9001 certified Technology Strategy Consultancy with expertise in Chemicals, Defence/Aerospace, Medical Devices/Healthcare, Materials/Engineering and Sports Technology.

R.A. Miller Materials Engineering    Materials engineering and allied services, primarily to companies involved in thermal spray coating technology.

RTC Toxicology Consultants    Consulting Toxicologists in Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical, Industry, Forensic & Litigation Support, Research & Development, and the Environment

Safety United    Environmental and safety consulting services. Our consultants help companies with workplace safety, environmental issues, litigation support, expert witness testimony and contract placement.

Sensors Reference Center    Machine Design offers engineers information they need for a pressure transducer, proximity sensor, pressure sensor or flow sensors.

SigmaPro Inc.    Consultancy specializing in Six Sigma, Design for Six Sigma, Lean Sigma and Change Management with a targeted market consisting of individuals and medium to large companies seeking to maximize shareholder value.

STS-Biotech    Signal Transduction Solutions for Biotechnology, A. Ghalayini, Ph.D., Research Scientist with twenty years of experience investigating signal transduction pathways in mammalian cells with expertise in biochemistry and cell biology.

Surface Engineering Consultants    Surface Engineering Consulting Ltd (SEC) is an independent consultancy providing essential specialist knowledge and expertise in the application of surface finishes for small and large manufacturing companies.

The CECON Group, Inc.    Technical consulting network of over 900 scientists, engineers, and expert witnesses; in-house technical staff facilitates each expert consultant search.

Universal Science    Specializing in solving problems of excessive heat in electronic assemblies - offering an extensive range of thermal products and materials both bespoke and generic.

VisiMatik, Inc.    Software consulting for life sciences and drug discovery (imaging, visualization, and bioinformatics).

Wallace H. Pippin, Ph.D.    Consultant with expertise in Surface Active Agents, Emulsion Polymers, Polymer Technology, Paper Technology, and Materials Analysis.


Non-Profit Organizations

Larta Institute    Los Angeles based nonprofit organization helping clients access the technology industry through world-class conference and training services, industry research, and capital-raising.

Postech Biotech Center (PBC)    A collaboration with POSCO, a world leader in steel industry and the founder of POSTECH, with the mission to grow into a world class biotech center that carries out cutting edge research and trains future leaders in biotechnology.

Scripps - Social Work Continuing Education for Nurses    Scripps Educational Services has been providing quality continuing education for nurses, which include radiology cme.    Western blot protocol portal providing methods, troubleshooting, buffer recipes and immunoblot tips. Also providing molecular biology definitions and theory.


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